Französisch intensiv

Sprachschule Schneider


Französisch intensiv

Sprachschule Schneider

Straight to your goal

An intensive course is the quickest way for you to achieve your learning goals. Small, carefully composed Mini-Groups of only 3 to 6 people enable you to make quick progress.


Intensive French classes are offered throughout the year in Mini-Groups over lunchtime or eve- nings. You have the choice of classes running either twice or three times a week.

Business French

Apart from general French courses, we also offer specific business programmes. These are particu- larly suited for those who are between jobs or looking to reorient themselves work-wise.

The course contents are a mixture of business French, conversation, training in writing and correspondence, grammar, formal and everyday French, reading, work on vocabulary, training in pronunciation. With these courses, you develop the requirements to later join the DELF, DALF or DFA diploma courses.

Learner success and Certificates

Thanks to the small learner groups, the participants of our intensive courses show above- average results. At course end, you will receive a representative certificate that lists the language skills obtained in detail.

Flexible course starts and course lengths

You can usually begin a course within days of your placement test, which tests your existing knowl- edge level. New courses are started continually throughout the year, as soon as at least 2 or 3 participants with the same level have enrolled. You also benefit from the flexibility of the course length offered by these courses. Instead of the course length given in the course description below, you could easily shorten your booking and make it pro rata.

Levels and composition of learner groups

The most intensive course form is offered at the A1 level, with courses involving 2–3 teaching days per week offered up to the B2 level. Intensive courses at the C1 and C2 levels are offered only on request. Individual placement in a group guarantees each person the best chance of learning success. You will receive placement into the optimal group for you after a competent assessment of your written and spoken skill levels.

Supervised practice sessions

To further intensify your course experience, you work at the school either once or twice a week at your own pace under the competent supervision of a teacher. For this, you take along your own study material, for instance, your homework. The prices for these practice sessions are given below (COMBI). Detailed information can be found on the sheet entitled «Practice Sessions».

Cost & Fees

French intensive
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Feb. 2019
Schweiz - Zürich, Zürich
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